Elite Performance Program

(Ages 15 & Under)

$599.99 + HST


Start Date:  November 17th, 2019
End Date:  April 19th, 2020

Time:  Sundays 5:30pm-7:00pm
Cost:  $599.99 + HST


The Elite Performance (15U) program is Atlantic Baseball Academy Blue Wave‘s intense training program designed to allow you to reach your full potential!  Are you a player looking to take your game to the next level?  Look no further.  During this advanced baseball instructional program you will improve your throwing, hitting, fielding, baserunning, among all other aspects, of the game while learning what it takes to compete and excel at the next level. 

This Elite Performance (15U) program is designed to take you to the next level by offering a very low player-to-coach ratio and personalized instruction focused on the development of all facets of the game while having fun! Players will train with the common purpose of improving their individual and team skills in baseball while also playing live games allowing you to be fully prepared for the upcoming season and ready to go!

The focus on individual skill development and team tactical development and concepts includes:

  • Breakdown and buildup of various skill sets

  • Proper throwing, fielding & hitting mechanics

  • Extensive small group and individual development

  • Situational strategy (ie. bunt defense, 1st & 3rd situations, holding runners)

  • Communication on the field including fly balls, cuts & relays

  • Application of vision and mental training

  • Video analysis and low player-to-coach ratio

  • Live games including a World Series competition!

The Elite Performance (15U) program is led by a large group of Coaches who have “been there”, with college or professional playing and coaching experience. 

ALL Academy players will enjoy the same advantages in terms of coaching resources, technology, facilities and (optional) strength and conditioning training programs designed for each specific player.


  • Establish advanced throwing, fielding, hitting and baserunning fundamentals

  • Emphasis will be placed on improving individual fundamentals in all facets of the game with focused position-specific work each day

  • Emphasis will be placed on improving bat speed, improving ball exit speed, and hitting the ball with proper ball flight to get the most out of each at bat

  • Developing mental awareness to ensure always prepared for the next play

  • Increased confidence with varied on-field skills to bring players out of their comfort zone while applying live defensive reps on a daily basis

  • Live games will be played including a World Series competition!


  • Dynamic warm up routine will be applied each day

  • Progressive throwing routine will be implemented for all players

  • Proper throwing mechanics to develop a strong and consistent throw

  • Balanced hitting stance while maintaining power position at bat

  • Hitting against a firm front side and full rotation through hips and backside

  • Remaining strong at the point of contact when hitting

  • Approach at the plate and hitting the baseball to all fields

  • Proper fielding position for infielders and outfielders

  • Applying a 1-2 field approach when fielding the baseball

  • Double play feeds and turns

  • Tag Plays, rundowns and fly ball communication

  • Baserunning reads of the ball and leads from all bases

  • Become a steady, smart and consistent all around player!

  • Video analysis and low player-to-coach ratio

If you are serious about baseball and looking to advance your game to the next level, you do not want to miss this opportunity to train at this advanced level!

Programming will be held at the Norton Diamond Indoor Soccer Complex located at 17 Myrtle Street, Stratford, PEI.

* Price listed includes a Atlantic Baseball Academy hat and t-shirt *

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