Maximum Velocity Pitching Program

(All Ages)

$549.99 + HST

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Start Date:  November 15th, 2019
End Date:  March 20th, 2020

Time:  Fridays 6:00pm-7:30pm
Cost:  $549.99 + HST


The Atlantic Baseball Academy encourages you to take your Pitching game to the next level by offering a very low player-to-coach ratio and personal customized instruction focused on the development of Pitching skills and MAXIMIZING your velocity!

During this program you will learn proper Pitching mechanics including how to the arm and body is connected during delivery as well as arm care health and what it takes to get you game ready!

JP Stevenson, Jordan Stevenson and Joe Puiia will lead all Pitchers programming to be held at the Norton Diamond Indoor Soccer Complex located at 17 Myrtle Street, Stratford, PEI.


  • Increase pitch velocity by creating dynamic and powerful pitching mechanics

  • Video analysis for all Pitchers

  • Drill work to repeat proper Pitching form

  • Develop a strong, healthy throwing arm (“pre” and “post” game arm care)

  • Stretching program to minimize arm soreness and aid in recovery

  • How to properly field your position as a pitcher

  • How to cover first base on balls hit to the right side

  • How to hold runners on base

  • Learn and execution of various pitch types

  • Develop the mental approach to Pitching and how to remain focused


  • Each player will participate in explosive pitching drills

  • Live simulations used to develop arm strength and pitch command

  • Instruction to communicate the mental approach to pitching

  • Discussion of various strategies for getting hitters out

  • Our instructors have the knowledge and years of experience to help develop you into an explosive, standout Pitcher!

All camp programming will be held at the Norton Diamond Indoor Soccer Complex located at 17 Myrtle Street, Stratford, PEI.

* Price listed includes a Atlantic Baseball Academy hat and t-shirt *

** PAYMENT PLANS available for this program - contact within **